Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daddy Long Legs & Unmatching

Ahah today I actually thought of stuff to talk about! They are both topics that confuse me first:

Daddy Long Legs: Why do we call them Daddy Long Legs? What if they are Mama Long Legs? It's weird because if we said all Daddy Long Legs were boys then how would they produce? So obviously there have to be some Mama Long Legs out there but how do we know which are which? These are questions I ask myself so give me some answers...


Unmatching: Remember when we were little we always unmatched (well at least I did) and didn't care and then when we got a little older we started to make it our mission to match? And now we want to mismatch but in a funky way? It's hard to not match on purpose because you dont want to mismatch in a "I have no fashion sense kind've way" but in a "I can mismatch and make it my own style kind've way" Yes we are living in a confusing generation

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hey guys still at the library...well its a new day but I meant still have to go to the library to check my email and stuff like that ya know? Well anywho I have to go to public school for my junior and possibly senior year!! AHHH...oh but you know whats weird? I was looking through my friends yearbook from last year and I found three people I went to elementary school with so thats cool. I promise when we get our interenet at our house then I will write about more interesting things like how we have to seperate all our trash into catagories (I bet you can't wait till our internet is turned on now, all the stuff you could learn) Oh also Germany is obsessed with recycling so I suppose its really green here...ok until next time on *dramatic music* COURTNEY"S BLOG

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Im at the Library right now so we still dont have internet till Friday. We are now in our house and it is sooo boring I have nothing to do because we havent gotten all of our stuff yet so I can't set my room up or anything. O0ooh there was a carnival type thing the other day and we went and me and Bekah got suspenders!! And then me and my friend rode two rides both the rides were two euros each (that is more then 2 dollars in America) they are super expensive here, so if your a penny saver you can cross Germany off of your list lol. Well until next time......

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hey Everyone!
We are going to be moving into our new house on Monday so I may or may not be posting any new blogs for at least a week....but I'm not sure yet it really depends on if we get our computer fixed up or not. And plus I will be unpacking...I'm kind've a busy woman. Well blog to you all later!