Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm A Model If You Know What I Mean

Haha I Look Like A Flying Squirrel
The Sister Pic
(minus Att)

This One Is My Favorite

(so if you get a wallet sized one in the mail don't be surprised)

7 silly people:

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute Court!!!! I Miss Ya!!!

Stephanie Lane said...

Court have bekah send me one! and one of her and att too!!

Robert Clark said...

Wow. You guys are like tree huggers. Ya'll must like big open fields. Jk. You having fun out there? Great blog. Later

CaMeRoN said...

courtney!!! we miss u!!!!!

Lexi said...

I got u that shirt dress thingy!! sniff sniff come home!!!

Courtney said...

you guys all BETTER miss me!! lol well I misss you all too and thanks for commenting

Sammy said...

aww its my courtney!!
wats up girly?!?! I miss you so stinkin bad and haven't talked to you since you've been gone call me or something soon!!! I love the pics they are so fun and crazy can't wait till you guys come back home so we can finish our story.lol... Unless someone scribbled over it hahaha missin the candy at church too!lol.
Love ya :) Sammy