Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay so i got a comment from an unknown person called "hi" and they wanted me to update so here it is:

Well i have been in school for almost 6 weeks now and i'm still alive. In a couple of weeks Lexi and Katie are comin to visit and then we are all goin to go to a youth France! I know exciting. Well i cant really recall anything else interesting that is going on...oh wait i'm getting kinda good in german (i can probably say any number lol) well tell me about all your adventures?!

6 silly people:

KAIT said...

o hey bekah told me that u all would b keepin a eye out 4 a super cute french guy 4 ME. lol just makin sure u no heehee

anthony said...

whew! i thought since you havent been updating that maybe you were dead...or kidnapped...or...well you get the point! great to hear from you! until next post ta ta!

LeNai said...

court!!!!!! you finally updated!!! lol i have not tty since you left:( sniff,sniff
well since you asked about my life.... it was chrisophers birthday yesterday he is 12 and he also got a cell phone!!!! well other than that its been lexi and i just hanging out with MacCain(i will tell you or lex will later)and playing the famous game of apples to apples lol then just going to church and working lol so other than that just getting excited about ice skating opening on the first of November!!!!! :)well thats what my life has been like

Courtney said...

Tamerson: OMG! Chris is not 12! thats is madness he is sooo little that is soo cool he got a cell phone but i htought he had to wait till he was 16?! oh and is it the german exchange student?

Kait: You know i will and one for me too lol!

Hi: will you ever give me a hint of who you are?

LeNai said...

lol no not yet but we do have an exchange student here named Davin and he is really funny!!! but ya little chris got a stinkin phone at tweleve and me.....15!! lol well at least he wont keep taking mine anymore lol

CaMeRoN said...

courtney! i havent talked to you n 4ever! wats up??