Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I haven't updated since last year! Woah that's awhile but i thought i would update and tell you how the new year is going. Firstly......IM 17 OH YEAH! And RHS stands for Ramstein High School! OK this next part may sound strange but oh boy oh man do i like school! This new year is going to be SO great i feel it. o0oh so in my human anatomy and physiology class a couple of months ago we dissected a drumstick (like from a chicken) so i was sooo grossed out when i was about to cut the tendons my hands were shaking....but now the past three classes we have been dissecting a pig fetus and i was tearing that thing up (I LOVE IT) so i love dissections and i think it is so weird how i cant dissect a chicken drumstick but a pig fetus no problem lol. At the end of the year i will have to dissect a cat which will be emotional for me because well Im a Freakish Cat lover....(shout-out to my home-cat SONNY) okay so that's all i can say now and i wont promise posts everyday well because this may come as a shock but I'm kind've a busy person nowadays (schoolgirl by day and housekeeper by night) well i would love to hear about new things in your lives sooo COMMENT!