Monday, June 8, 2009

My Plan:

Go to Ramstein High School and finish my senior year
Visit Cali in March for No Limits :D
Graduate High School in May
Fly back to Cali to Walk at TRC
Stay for the rest of the summer (and hopefully get my license)

Im sure there is more BUT I can only think so far ahead lol


4 silly people:

LeNai said...

Wow -gasp- an update!!! LOL poor blogger world is being forgotten!!! Sniff LOL
P.s. Kff what does that stand for LOL

Paige said...

:) looks like a good plan to me!!!! LOL.. except for you didn't say "with Paige at my side!" love ya!!

Robert Clark said...

Thats a terrible plan! You should just stay here. Don't tell anyone I said this but everone out here is boring. Except for the people who read this from my church. You are awesome. Wink wink Court. You know. Anyways, keep it real. Later

Kyle G said...

ok courtney time for an update!